A Beginner’s Guide to Bible Prophecy  is a layman’s introduction to Biblical prophecy, apocalypse signs, and the rapture, a complex theological field that Tom Hoffman is striving to make more widely accessible.

Hoffman’s exegesis of end-times prophecy books is a deeply learned contribution of particular interest to those interested in Bible study and biblical prophecy but who have little previous education on the subject.


With this project, Hoffman aims to give anyone interested a preliminary but powerful initiation into the field of Biblical prophecy, creating a strong foundation for further study.

This guide will take readers through the particulars of known prophecies and how they might be understood; interpretations of apocalypse signs; what we know of major figures in the times to come and what we might glean about the future from this information; explorations of the book of Revelation, the book of Daniel; and finally, the Rapture and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.


The John Experiment: Meditating 21 Days on John's Gospel Message ... Do you desire to know truly who Jesus is?  Are you new to the faith and would benefit from a guided Bible study that teaches pure principles about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?  Or, are you a mature Christian who desires a ‘deeper dive’ to explore your relationship with Jesus?


Either way, The John Experiment is a perfect option for you.


Tom Hoffman has put together a practical, thoughtful, and reflective study based on John’s gospel in the New Testament.  For twenty-one days, you will read a chapter a day and contemplate the incarnation of Jesus, and his radical ways of offering eternal life through his death and resurrection from the cross.


The John Experiment is a carefully planned study allowing you to grow deeper in your spiritual walk.  During the course of this twenty-one-day experiment, you will develop a new personal definition of who Jesus is, one that will be profoundly different than your current knowledge.



The Tribulation Saint is the first book in the Jotham Meir Apocalypse Series ... After four decades as an educator and almost three decades of serious Bible study, Tom Hoffman realized his calling as a Watchman—one dedicated to the examination of biblical prophecy and to imparting that knowledge to others so that they too might become watchmen in preparation for the End-Times as predicted by the Bible.


Hoffman first penned A Beginner’s Guide to Bible Prophecy to remedy what he sees as a profound dearth of information for those who are interested in Biblical prophecy but have not yet fully delved into the subject.  Now, he introduces the Tribulation Saint as a part of an ongoing 5-book fictional series called the Jotham Meir Apocalypse Series.  Meet Jotham Meir, an American-Jew who is living a simple life in Minneapolis Minnesota as a college student when the Great Disappearance grips the world. 


Watch as God reaches out to Jotham supernaturally and calls him to become a part of the Lord's army on earth as the Tribulation Period begins in earnest.  Let Hoffman open your mind and heart to better understand End-Times events as told through the eyes a Tribulation Saint named Jotham Meir.