Updated: Oct 29, 2019


Moses and the ‘burning bush’ is a well-known Old Testament story. And what a great one it is. God addresses Moses personally by directing him to remove his sandals because he is standing on Holy Ground.

In Exodus 3:6 God reveals, I am the God of your father—the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.

And Moses becomes sore afraid, trying to hide his face from the Glory of God.

As the encounter progresses, the Lord gives Moses an assignment … he is to go to Pharaoh and tell him to let the captive Jews go free from their slavery in Egypt.

Of course, Moses is a bit reluctant because Pharaoh is a man of great power, and he receives a major pep-talk from God.

Although God doesn't necessarily relieve all of Moses’ apprehension when he declares:

But I am sure that the king of Egypt will not let you go, no, not even by a mighty hand. So I will stretch out My hand and strike Egypt with all My wonders which I will do in its midst; and after that he will let you go. (Exodus 3:10-12)

Of course, God is referring to the ten plagues of wrath that God issued on the nation of Egypt in order for the Jews finally to receive Pharaoh’s blessing to be set free.

As a reminder those plagues included rivers turned to blood; an infestation of frogs, and then lice; a pestilence that killed cattle and sheep; human boils and fleshly sores; hail and fire from heaven; a great invasion of locusts; the sun and moon darkened; and death of the first-born male and beasts (from which the Feast of the Passover began).

The Bible teaches that God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. What God told Moses during the ‘burning bush’ encounter in Exodus 3 came to pass in Exodus chapters 7 through 12.

In contemporary vernacular … God tells us what he is going to do and then does what he said he would do.

Always. We can count on it.

Which makes me think of a future prophecy revealed to the Apostle John in the 16th chapter of the Book of Revelation.

Here, once again, mankind is promised wrath upon the earth … this time because of our sinful rebelliousness and rejection of God’s Son Jesus. His wrath will be issued through the Seven Bowl Judgments during the seven-year Tribulation Period (Revelation 6-19).

Here is what God had declared will happen:

Then I heard a loud voice from the temple saying to the seven angels, “Go and pour out the bowls of the wrath of God on the earth.”

First Bowl: Loathsome Sores

So the first went and poured out his bowl upon the earth, and a foul and loathsome sore came upon the men who had the mark of the beast and those who worshiped his image.

Second Bowl: The Sea Turns to Blood

Then the second angel poured out his bowl on the sea, and it became blood as of a dead man; and every living creature in the sea died.

Third Bowl: The Waters Turn to Blood

Then the third angel poured out his bowl on the rivers and springs of water, and they became blood. And I heard the angel of the waters saying:

“You are righteous, O Lord,

The One who is and who was and who is to be,

Because You have judged these things.

For they have shed the blood of saints and prophets,

And You have given them blood to drink.

For it is their just due.”

And I heard another from the altar saying, “Even so, Lord God Almighty, true and righteous are Your judgments.”

Fourth Bowl: Men Are Scorched

Then the fourth angel poured out his bowl on the sun, and power was given to him to scorch men with fire. And men were scorched with great heat, and they blasphemed the name of God who has power over these plagues; and they did not repent and give Him glory.

Fifth Bowl: Darkness and Pain

Then the fifth angel poured out his bowl on the throne of the beast, and his kingdom became full of darkness; and they gnawed their tongues because of the pain. They blasphemed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, and did not repent of their deeds.

Sixth Bowl: Euphrates Dried Up

Then the sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates, and its water was dried up, so that the way of the kings from the east might be prepared. And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs coming out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet. For they are spirits of demons, performing signs, which go out to the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.

“Behold, I am coming as a thief. Blessed is he who watches, and keeps his garments, lest he walk naked and they see his shame.”

And they gathered them together to the place called in Hebrew, Armageddon.

Seventh Bowl: The Earth Utterly Shaken

Then the seventh angel poured out his bowl into the air, and a loud voice came out of the temple of heaven, from the throne, saying, “It is done!” And there were noises and thunderings and lightnings; and there was a great earthquake, such a mighty and great earthquake as had not occurred since men were on the earth. Now the great city was divided into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell. And great Babylon was remembered before God, to give her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of His wrath.

Then every island fled away, and the mountains were not found. And great hail from heaven fell upon men, each hailstone about the weight of a talent. Men blasphemed God because of the plague of the hail, since that plague was exceedingly great.

(Revelation 16:1-21)

I am tired of today’s ‘gospel’ that God and Jesus are only love. God’s love is so pure that it must include both judgement and justice.

I am scared to hear so many people today claim that there really isn’t a Hell. We only have to reference the lesson of the Lazarus and the Rich Man (Luke 16) and the Great White Throne Judgement (Revelation 20) to know that there is, in fact, eternal Hell.

I am concerned about the sentiment that the coming wrath of God upon this earth during the End Times is simply and metaphor, or an allegory, or a typology. No! Just like God promised Moses about the impending plagues in Egypt, God will send the exact events described in

Revelation 16 to this earth.

Thus saith the Lord.